This is Gillespie our 360 video booth. The 360 video booth is the newest and most sought after piece of event entertainment of the year. You and your guests step onto the Infinity Floor (which you really have to see), with up to 5 others (that’s a huge platform) and put on your best moves or strike some poses as the camera orbits around you. This is where we do our part, a little editing magic that happens very quickly in the background and before you know it, your video is sent directly to your phone.

That’s the high level and yes, it is really that easy but there is so much more. We have activations for all kinds of events; weddings, birthday parties, night clubs, corporate events, galas, trade shows and the list goes on and on and on. We even have variations of the 360 video experience like various platform sizes and our inverted overhead 360.

What’s Included

  • 360
  • 2 Ambassadors
  • Unlimited Spins
  • Digital Delivery of videos
  • Standard lighting (ring light)
  • Custom Overlay
  • Gallery available to client
  • 2 edit experiences for guests

    What’s Optional

    • Floor Decal
    • Red carpet & stanchions
    • Enhanced lighting
    • Enhanced overlays
    • Custom Prop Signs
    • Attract Screen (displays slide show of 360 spins at your event, displays qr code for sharing)
    • Additional edit experiences
    • Vanity monitor (guests can see themselves on the 360)
    • Branded Microsite for guests

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      360 booth and sharing station with attract screen and qr code