Ever want to be whisked away to the beach, the Eiffel tower, the surface of the moon or behind the wheel of a Ferrari on the AutoBahn?   Wouldn’t it be great to give your guests the choice of where they want to be?  The Imagica Green Screen photo booth setup allows for just that!

Green screen is a single color backdrop (green) that allows us to easily add any background, character or other images that you can imagine and it doesn’t end there! We use Green Screen to add various backgrounds to video and animated Gif as well. We give you the ability to change backgrounds and add overlays to your images and it results in a truly immersive pic with very realistic, creative and share-worthy results.  If you choose a Green Screen photo booth setup you’ll add a whole new level of fun to an already awesome activation.  It really allows the photo booth and it’s outputs to be integrated into your event theme and to really make it memorable.

Green screen photo booth