The Best Neon Sign Rentals for Your Next Event

Elevate your event to the next level with the captivating allure of neon sign rentals. Neon signs hold the power to tie together your entire occasion, whether you opt for a personalized custom neon sign or choose to rent one of our signature designs. These neon rentals infuse a distinctive glow into any event, offering a unique touch that resonates with vibrancy.

Whether you decide to pair them with a stunning flower wall or mount them on any wall, their impact is undeniable. With an average size of 3 feet wide, our neon signs make a bold statement that stands out.

At Imagica, we proudly offer Toronto neon sign rentals that redefine event aesthetics. Craft an electric atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression with our neon signs, ensuring your event shines bright. To complement these luminous accents, consider our custom backdrop printing service, tailored to your exact vision.

Enhance the ambiance further with personalized wedding backdrops, speaking volumes to your unique love story. From weddings to corporate events, Imagica is your partner in transforming occasions into extraordinary memories, seamlessly merging innovation and elegance.

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Neon Signs FAQ

We suggest using fishline for hanging and you can purchase that at Walmart. If you buy a permanent neon sign in your order we will provide you the screws to mount it.

As long as you pick up the neon sign from our Brampton office. If you want us to install the neon sign(s) there will be a travel fee.

Neon signs are considered all-day rentals. We do require the neon sign to be returned the following day.

We suggest at least 7-10 days before your event. It doesn’t mean we won’t have the neon sign rental if you inquired 2 days before your event.