Unlimited prints (4 x 6 or 2 x 6 strips)

Personalized print template design (theme, colour, text, logo etc.)

Online Gallery with all party photos available for download

Onsite attendant to engage your guests!

Digital props

Standard backdrops



Just because social distancing has made gathering in large groups difficult, that doesn’t mean that your online events can’t still have all the fun and takeaways that a photo booth provides.  Take the fun online with this amazing service that allows guests located anywhere to enjoy photo booth excitement.

Customize it to fit your event’s theme.  Great for weddings, graduations, corporate event and more!

Duke of Edinburg photo booth


Our most popular package, the Classic, includes all you need to provide a super-fun time for your guests at your event.  Available in durations starting at 2 hours and going up to full or multi-day events.  This package includes all of the features listed just above with some of the most common additions to the Classic Package being Personalized Text/ Email Delivery, Gifs and Customized Touch Screen/ LED add-ons.  The Classic is actually the base for all of our other packages so any other package that you get will have all of the Classic’s features plus the add-on.  


Congrats on your Big Day!

Give your guests something fun to take part in and memorable to take home. Our pre-designed wedding packages offer a range of great wedding day features that will entertain all your guests, young and old and everyone gets to take home a great memory of your special day.

Guests can even upload their pics to social media or have them sent to their phones and email and of course, you get copies of all the photos and videos taken so you don’t miss a thing! Available in 2, 3 and 4 hour durations.

Learn more about our Wedding Photo Booth packages.

Bride and Groom

Download our Guide, 5 Things to Look For Before Booking Your Wedding Photo Booth



Remember Speaker’s Corner? No…to young? Oh well. For those of you old enough to remember, that’s exactly what this feature is like. For those who don’t know, this feature will allow guests to leave video messages right at the booth.

Bride’s love this one because it gives all of your guests a chance to give best wishes, sing a song, tell a joke or whatever else comes to mind after the open bar actually opens. Also great for brand activations when interacting with the public as well as a range of other types of events.

Learn more about our Video Messaging Package


Not sure what background you want or want the choice of multiple? Our green screen booths are designed just for that. Choose between multiple customized backgrounds for your photos and gifs right there at the booth.

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Your guests will look FAB with our special lighting, custom Beautify Filter and portrait lens that softens the skin and has you looking like you the cover of a magazine. Your choice of Solid Colour backgrounds.

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Coming in the Fall of 2020 – BOOK NOW!!

The 360 video booth is an exciting new way to engage audiences at corporate events, weddings and other gatherings. It brings a unique new take on conventional video booths by allowing guests to capture their own unique individual experiences in full 360 degree slow-motion video.  Use this booth to make your brand stand out at shows with instantly shareable and branded content, or offer your wedding guests some fun at your reception unlike any they’ve had before.  Any way you use it, your guests will engage and be entertained.  Pairs great with a traditional photo booth setup…the best of both worlds.


We’ve all seen the back-and-forth video called Boomerangs and the string of pics called Gifs. We’ve got booths specifically for each, great for all kinds of events and tons of fun! Available as an add-on or as a standalone booth.


We don’t all have the time, equipment or know-how to create professional headshots for profile image updates or other uses. This activation is perfect for corporate events allowing you to provide your guests with truly useable content.

Hashtag Printing


Hashtag Printing is a new and amazing way for your event and wedding guests to turn the pictures taken on their smartphones into physical prints they can take home and cherish forever.

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