The Best Studio Booth Experience for Your Next Event

Imagica studio booth rentals
Imagica studio photo booth rental

Formerly know as the Beauty Booth, we’ve renamed this package to the Studio Booth because the pics look like they just came from one!  Besides, everyone is beautiful and no booth will change that.

This photo booth setup is designed to create an image that is worthy of magazine covers and really highlights your already awesome self.  How do we do it? Well, we start with our amazing photo booth and then we add a few things that really make a big difference. We start with a DSLR camera that takes high calibre printable pics without losing an iota of quality.

Then we replace our existing lighting system with a strobe and Beauty Dish that has a HoneyComb light filter. With this combo, we can create an amazingly even light with soft edged effect and virtually a total elimination of shadows.  We also add a skin softening effect that is applied immediately to the image.

As if this isn’t enough, you can choose between black and white or colour images that can be printed, emailed, texted or sent to your social media accounts! The result is an amazing looking pic that really does look like it is worthy of a frame…or a share.