With a Fleet of Ring Roamers and Standalone Photo Booths, We’ve Got You Covered

When it comes to large events like multi-day brand activations, trade shows or galas, having one or many of our Standalone photo booths or Ring Roamers can be a great addition to the overall experience for guests.

With multiple digital booth rentals in Toronto or the surrounding area, your attendees and guests can easily take pictures with their friends and colleagues…with these product offerings, everyone gets a chance to be in the spotlight! Better yet, having multiple booths reduces waiting times and lines, as well as elevates the overall event by making picture perfect moments accessible and readily available.

Our fleet of digital photo booths not only capture pictures, they also have the capability to capture guest data through surveys, contests and more! At Imagica, we can collect valuable information about your guests such as their contact information, purchasing needs, resources and even feedback about your event! Through a streamlined permission process, all information gathered and images taken can then be used for business promotion, decision-making and even planning for your next event with your client’s voice at the centre.

Standalone digital photo booth in Toronto
Standalone digital photo booth in Toronto
Standalone digital photo booth in Toronto

We Offer Standalone and Roaming Photo Booths in Toronto

In addition to Standalone options, our Ring Roamers (mobile photo booths that are carried by Imagica Brand Ambassadors) are always a huge hit at every event. The Ring Roamer service creates unique and customized photo experiences by coming to your guests wherever they are…inside or out!

Both our Standalone photo booths and Ring Roamers are designed to be durable and reliable. Imagica’s state-of-the-art technology ensures that every experience is seamless and that each picture is delivered quickly and efficiently. The user-friendly and familiar iPad interface makes it easy for guests of all ages and technical abilities to engage in the moment.

When it comes to large scale, customized events, trust Imagica to provide innovative, reliable, integrated, streamlined and engaging activations that will help you delight, capture and preserve memories for each attendee.

Innovative digital photo booth rentals in Toronto
Standalone digital photo booth in Toronto
Standalone digital photo booth in Toronto

Digital Photo Booth FAQ

Imagica Digital Booths are iPad-powered photo booths with a large ring lights for top-notch picture quality. We offer Standalone Booths and Ring Roamers for interactive activations and data collection.

Stand Alone Booths are dropped off and are self-operated, while Ring Roamers are carried by Imagica Brand Ambassadors throughout the event space for personalized interactions.
You can rent up to 10 of each which is a great idea if you want to cover a lot of ground.
Imagica Digital Booths provide fun, engagement, flexible in their applications, highly customizable and have valuable data collection capabilities.
The large ring light ensures even lighting, resulting in well-lit photos without shadows making it great for any shooting environment.
Yes, they are perfect for weddings, birthdays, and other personal events, adding excitement and entertainment. We have the Imagica Personal Party Booth package and the Imagica Drop-off program that are perfect for events.
To book an Imagica digital booth, you can contact us via phone, email, or through our website’s contact form.
Our dedicated support team will promptly assist you with any technical issues that may arise. We are available by phone for the duration of your event.